Six Accessories to Add to the Seats in Your Fleet of Vehicles

If you have employees who drive on the job every day, they spend a lot of time in their vehicle seats. You may want to invest in some accessories to improve the seats. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Fitted Seat Covers

If there is stuffing coming out of the seats, that doesn't reflect positively on your business image, and it can make the seats uncomfortable to your drivers. To cover up old seats, consider using fitted seat covers. If you add extra cushioning to the seats, fitted covers can also be a great way to tie everything together.

They are also easier to clean, as they can be removed and washed. That's ideal for vehicles that are shared between several different drivers.  

2. Custom Seat Covers

Even if your seats are in perfect condition, you may want to consider custom fit seat covers anyway. They can be printed with almost any design you like, and that includes your business name and logo. That is a great way to brand your business, especially if you ever have clients riding in your vehicle.

3. Massage Pads

Driving around all day can be uncomfortable. To give your drivers a bit of relief, consider putting in massaging pads. These fit over your existing seat or a fitted seat cover, and they can be controlled to massage different areas of the back or legs, depending on the driver's preference.

If you don't want to worry about mechanical elements, you may want to opt for massage beads. They can have a similar effect.

4. Arm Rests

If your seats don't have arm rests, you may want to add them. The armrests give the driver somewhere to place his or her arms. That support can help with all kinds of back or neck pains. If you decide to buy seat covers, make sure that you get ones that are designed to work with arm rests.

5. Cupholders

A refreshing drink while on the road can be nice, but it can also be distracting for your drivers to reach for cup holders. Put the drink in easy access of the driver by getting a cup holder that attaches directly to the armrest or another part of the seat.

6. Seat Heaters

Warmth can also soothe muscles on long drives or cold days. To that end, consider putting in aftermarket seat heaters. If you add seat heaters and also decide to get seat covers, make sure the covers can handle the heat.

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