Auto ACs: Why They May Need Flushing

Several factors may cause car air conditioning systems to stop working efficiently. Flushing the system is one way to restore better performance to that AC. This article discusses some of the reasons why it may be necessary to flush the air conditioning system in your car.

Damaged Compressor

Metallic debris is usually discharged into the air conditioning system when the compressor fails. This debris can trigger a chain reaction that can result in the failure of other components within the system. It is therefore necessary to flush the entire AC system before a new compressor can be fitted. In this way, the replacement compressor will be safeguarded against being damaged by any lingering debris.

Deteriorating Hoses

Your car's AC system may also need flushed if it its hoses deteriorated so much that they started flaking and releasing fragments into the system. Such fragments can damage the expansion valve or the orifice tube. Timely flushing can save these components from being destroyed by the debris from aging hoses.


The air conditioning systems of cars have desiccants that absorb moisture as air is circulated through the system. However, the quantity of moisture can exceed the capacity of those absorbers. The excess moisture may therefore combine with other contaminants to form sludge. This sludge can make your AC to work harder in order to cool or heat your vehicle. Flushing helps to ease that excess load on the system before it fails prematurely.

Presence of Lubricating Oil

Each type of refrigerant usually has a specific type of oil that it is compatible with. Changing from one type of refrigerant to another may require the previous oil to be flushed from the air conditioner so that it doesn't cause problems when the new refrigerant is charged into the system. Flushing may also be deemed necessary if it is discovered that your AC has an incorrect type of oil. Lubricating oil can also be flushed out of the AC system if that oil becomes contaminated by various factors, such as the sludge discussed earlier.

As you can see, the system may need to be flushed after it has undergone air conditioner repairs. It is therefore advisable for you to give the service technician ample time to flush the system before you can drive your car away. That technician may also advise you about how frequently you should have the air conditioner flushed in order to get rid of any contaminants that may have entered the system after you used your car in severe conditions, such as in very dusty locations.

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