Some Simple Tips When You Need a Tow Bar for Your Vehicle

If you're going to tow anything behind your car or truck, you'll need a tow bar. Hitches don't simply attach to the vehicle's bumper, as those bumpers are not strong enough to hold the weight of any type of trailer or caravan; bumpers can easily just snap off or bend and crumple when used for towing. When you are ready to prepare your vehicle for towing, note a few simple tips for getting a needed tow bar and everything else that will make pulling your trailer or caravan safe and easy for you.

Legal requirements

Before shopping, check any legal requirements for the type of tow bar that is needed for a trailer or caravan; the heavier or bulkier the trailer you're towing, the more likely it is that there will be legal requirements as to the tow bar to use. This is to ensure the safety of other drivers on the road, as a heavy-duty bar may be less likely to lose the trailer or caravan and may offer more balance for the tow vehicle and trailer itself when you turn a corner or drive in high winds. To avoid fines and potential accidents, start by checking legal requirements for your needed tow bar at the office that issues driver's licenses and car registrations.

Get a kit

If you've never installed a tow bar before, you may do well to get a kit. A kit will usually come with all the bolts, wiring harnesses, and other small pieces you need to ensure the proper fit and installation of the tow bar. A kit will also typically include the ball hitch itself. This can make installation easier and also ensure you don't get oversized bolts that put too much pressure on the bar or an oversized hitch that actually doesn't fit the tow bar.

Consider a weight distribution kit

Note whether you need a weight distribution kit with the tow bar. These are good for when the vehicle hitch and the trailer's tow bar don't line up; if the item being towed is tilted up or down, this puts added weight on the front or back of the trailer, causing drag and interfering with safe braking. A weight distribution kit will add weight to the front or back of the trailer, keeping it level. Don't assume you need a larger tow bar or one that pulls more weight when you see the trailer dip or drag; instead, get a weight distribution kit to correct this misalignment.

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